Your face sounds familiar of VIAGS - The contest of fun

On the occasion of the International Women's Day on March 8, VIAGS celebrated the VIAGS "Your face sounds familiar" 2018, which is also the first season of VIAGS and is exclusively for VIAGS men.

Although the first year of the organization, the "familiar face" contest took place on March 8 at the headquarters of the Southern Company has attracted the participation of many employees and has created a yard. playful, healthy, exciting for the brothers

Fans enthusiastically welcome the special contest of the contestants

The "VIAGS Your face sounds Familiar" final was attended by Mr. Le Cao The, Party Secretary, VIAGS General Director, Mr. Nguyen Quang Quang, VIAGS Deputy General Director, Mr. Truong Phuong Thanh - VIAGS Deputy General Director and guests invited representatives of Executive Committee. Trade Union of VietNam Airlines, Southern Vietnam Airlines Corporation, and Heads of Corporate Departments, Leaders and Employees of VIAGS TSN, DAD, NBA.

VIAGS General Director Le Cao The sent the sisters wishes to have wings on March 8.

Special points at the contest are candidates only for male staff working at VIAGS. This is a very special gift for VIAGS half-hearted, the heart, love, enthusiasm and talent of all VIAGS staff.


Entertainment programs start the program.

The best contestants in the final round of the contest were the talented players who qualified in the preliminary round. They are the best representatives of the champions.

No one can recognize that this is contestant Nguyen Quoc Anh from VIAGS NBA, not a Taylor Swift on stage.

Chamber of the room with the graceful performances of Nhu Quynh - Le Phuoc Luc from VIAGS DAD..

The contestants take turns passing through two parts of the contest: taking part in a reincarnation of their chosen character to match the character of the most. The maximum time for contestants is 7 minutes. The second contest is named "mark," the candidates after the examination of the incarnation will receive a number of questions related to the character was incarnated (biography, career, content of the work ...) .

Le Minh Thang from VIAGS TSN successfully transformed into Justine Timeberlake.


Erilk's lovely show, Le Hoang Hai, comes from VIAGS Office.


In order to spread the message and spiritual values ​​of the contest, the organizers have set up 2 voting portals to help the audience express their affection and support to the contestants. Viewers can message, or vote, by visiting the VIAGS website. The two voting portals constantly receive the interaction of the audience. In addition, the organizers also perform livestream on the VIAGS Fanpage, so that the audience love the contest can directly follow up, support the contestants as well as get into the atmosphere cheers warmly At the headquarters of VIAGS, Tan Son Nhat Airport.

After 2 months of hard work and emulation, also the process of helping contestants learn, improve their skills and improve themselves, contestants have confidence to shine on stage and close. contributes a lot of fun, laughter to the audience. The men VIAGS staff days are very strong, dynamic, masculine but when on stage, they have tried their best to practice, bar training, weight loss to fit the role model. 9 contestants have dedicated themselves to the performance of enthusiasm and grace.

At the end of the competition, the Platinum Award was given to contestants Pham Thanh Long - VIAGS TSN, two gold medals were awarded to candidates Phan Xuan Nam - VIAGS CQ Division and Vuong Dan Nghia VIAGS. In addition, the Organizing Committee has also given Titan, Silver and other awards such as the Best Dance Group, Best Male Performance, Best Candidates.


The contestants won the Titan.

Top contestants won silver at the contest.

Candidates won gold at the contest.

Candidates win the contest.

The contest ended in the full bliss of the fans, a season 8/3 with lots of laughter and joy of sending beautiful women to VIAGS.

Some pictures at the contest:

Performance of the contestant Le Quoc Hung from VIAGS when transformed into singer Noo Phuoc Thinh..

Thanks to the wizarding hands of the makeup experts that the contestants on the stage as beautiful as the silver screen.

The contest opened the spirit of the contestant Pham Vu Hoang from VIAGS NBA when becoming a singer Hoang Thuy Linh.

Performance of contestants Phan Xuan Nam from VIAGS Office has the contribution of the group of dancers very lovely men.

The overwhelming performance of the contestant Pham Thanh Long from VIAGS TSN has completely convinced the audience and excelled in the position of familiar faces familiar first season.

The song Tinh Khuc Vang of Vuong Chinh Nghia - Dan Truong from VIAGS DAD

Vân Hà - VIAGS

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