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Staff of VIAGS was honored by the People's Committee of Hanoi for the title of "Good person, good deed"

4/2/2017 2:59:08 AM

Following the commendation from the ministries, the grassroots unit awarded Nguyen Anh Tuyet - a staff member of VIAGS Noi Bai Branch, who picked up the property worth nearly half a billion dong and returned it to the passengers. On the afternoon of March 31st, Tuyet has continued to receive the honor of being honored with the title of "Good person, good deed" of Ha Noi by the Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee. The ceremony was held in a formal atmosphere at the headquarters of VIAGS Noi Bai branch. Mr. Phung Minh Son, Deputy Director of Department of Home Affairs, Head of Emulation and Rewarding Committee, Standing Vice Chairman of Hanoi Emulation and Reward Council, authorized by Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee The noble title for Sister Tuyet in the joy, the pride of the collective staff and employees of VIAGS.

 Ms Nguyễn Ánh Tuyết at the ceremony

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Phung Minh Son praised, praised the beautiful action of staff Nguyen Anh Tuyet. Ms. Tuyet is a bright example representing Vietnamairlines staffs from the ground to the air. This beautiful action not only creates a spillover in the effort to do good, good in VIAGS Company in particular and the community and society in general. This noble expression also demonstrates the emulation movement at the base of the company VIAGS has been implemented very effectively and each individual uplifted the sense of responsibility, made excellent achievements in the performance of tasks and do good work; This shows the response to the patriotic emulation movement in 2017 by the chairman of Hanoi People's Committee launched. Comrade Phung Minh Son expressed his wish that, in the coming time, the Party Committee, Board of Directors of the company and the collective, VIAGS staffs will continue to promote the emulation movement, building advanced models, Individual responsibility associated with collective responsibility in doing good things, good deeds, excellent performance of passenger service to and from Noi Bai International Airport.

Mr. Phung Minh Son - Deputy Director of Department of Home Affairs, Head of Emulation and Commendation Committee of Hanoi City Vice Chairman of Emulation and Reward Council of Hanoi.

 Mr. Dinh Viet Thang- Deputy Director of Hanoi Emulation and Reward Board reads the award of the title of good person of good performance of Hanoi.

Ms.Tuyet is very touched at the ceremony: I feel very honored and proud when the Hanoi People's Committee awarded the title of "good people, good deeds" typical of the city. I will always try my best to work hard, to fulfill the assigned tasks, to deserve the precious attention and encouragement, and to contribute with the staff, workers and employees of Vietnamairlines build trustworthy brand, highest international standard.

At the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Hong Minh, director of VIAGS Noi Bai on behalf of VIAGS staff expressed deep thanks to the delegation and leaders of Hanoi People's Committee for their interest, encouragement, praise and reward With individual staff Nguyen Anh Tuyet in particular and collective, staff VIAGS in general; At the same time, on behalf of the collective, the VIAGS Noi Bai staff promised to make further efforts in fulfilling the tasks, caring, motivating, educating and effectively implementing the patriotic emulation movement.

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