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VIAGS 2017 Employee Delegates Conference

4/11/2017 3:43:37 PM

On 5/4/2017, Vietnam Airport Services Company (VIAGS) solemnly held the Employee Representative Conference in 2017 with the attendance of Mr. Pham Ngoc Vui - Standing Committee of the Party Committee, Chairman of the Trade Union Mr.Luu Van Hanh - Member of Board of Directors of Viet Nam General Corporation - Chairman of VIAGS Member Board, Mr.Le Cao The - Secretary of Party Committee, member of Board of Management, General Director of VIAGS, comrades in Party Committee, Board of Directors The VIAGS Trade Union Executive Committee and more than 120 delegates are workers from Tan Son Nhat, Noi Bai and Da Nang.
In an open and democratic atmosphere, the Conference heard the reports: Results of business activities in 2016 and 2017; Financial statement of 2016; The implementation of the Collective Labor Agreement, the internal rules on labor, the regulations on democracy, the regulations on deduction and use of the reward and welfare funds; Answering the opinions of workers from grassroots level labor workers. Accordingly, even though the new VIAGS was launched January 1, 2004, in the context of a highly competitive terrestrial service market, rival companies are constantly searching for discounts and attracting customers. Again high turnover of VIAGS, but the Board of Directors has focused on developing business strategies, improve service quality, improve the organization of personnel, strengthen the inspection and supervision Financial management at the units directly, saving money... so that the completion of all assigned targets. Specifically, in 2016, VIAGS accomplished excellently important targets: Pre-tax profit reached 133.1 billion, equaling 113.8% of the year plan; Target sales reached 1.637 billion over the year plan. Total flight volume for 2016 is 116,643, an increase from 2016. The average income of workers is 8.6% higher than that of 2015. Along with that, VIAGS is particularly focused on the public. Ensure the quality of mining. By 2016, the SAG3 safety index has been effectively implemented by VIAGS, reducing the number of errors by 48 compared to 77 errors in 2015 (equivalent to 37.66% reduction compared to 2015). Quality of service is improving, in 2016 VIAGS received 1,172 compliment letters from customers are air passengers, companies NX, KE, HX, AE... voted VIAGS is the best PVM company. In addition to business activities, staffing and policies for employees of VIAGS in 2016 are strictly implemented in accordance with regulations. VIAGS has organized social activities for employees such as visiting, motivating and helping them to work as family-based policy beneficiaries, who have difficulties in working in production. 
Workers' congresses are organized annually by VIAGS to promote the right of direct democracy of workers, create conditions for employees to be informed, to be consulted, to decide and supervise the questions. It deals with the rights, interests, obligations and responsibility of building a stable company. At the meeting, the delegates approved the revised version of the Collective Labor Agreement, the Internal Labor Regulations, and also elected the VIAGS periodic dialogue panel, consisting of three comrades representing the collective Dong; Highly agree with VIAGS's decision of labor union in 2017 including: maintaining market share, customers; Ensure sustainable revenue growth; Ensure income for employees; Implement solutions to improve service quality and ensure the exploitation; Continue to perfect the organizational model and control the transformation of the new organizational model to ensure operation of the system, stabilize the psychological thinking of workers; Continue to implement the policies, social activities for workers and families policy.
Also at the Employee Delegation Conference in 2017, the VIAGS Board of Directors and all employees have been delighted to receive the commemorative medal from TCTHKVN. In particular, the Conference also devoted the time to honoring the individuals, collectives who have outstanding achievements in production, good people and good deeds. Enhancing the work of ensuring security, tightening the provisions of the service stage combining propaganda, praise, reward in time the typical cases have triggered the emulation movement to work well in the units. basis. Specifically, only in 2016, VIAGS employees have identified 10,068 cases of forgotten passenger property on board aircraft including cash and in-kind assets that are valuable and returned to customers. Only in the first 3 months of 2016, VIAGS has detected 3,455 cases of forgotten property on board, including cash of VND8.8 billion, receiving the letter of merit from the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor, Good people of good "by the Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee, received two letters of merit from the Minister of Transport and become the focus of the media.
Speaking at the conference, Comrade Pham Ngoc Vui, the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and the President of the Vietnam Union of Trade Unions, highly appreciated and recognized the seriousness and responsibility of VIAGS for the performance of production and business activities. To ensure good working conditions, raise income and take care of the staffs' life in the recent past. As an airport service company with the highest quality service in Vietnam, VIAGS staff members must continue to promote achievements and at the same time regularly organize emulation movements, Link units to unite employees, associate with the collective, the enterprise, in addition to attach importance to work safety for employees.

Ms.Dang Thi Tuyet Nhung - Head of VIAGS Danang Operations Center is very pleased with the innovation, openness and democracy of VIAGS 2017 Workers' Representatives Conference. "In my opinion, the structure This year's conference is more innovative and attractive. The comments and presentations of the participants were very practical, close to the current situation of production and business and suggest many issues of innovation and service quality. The atmosphere of the conference was lively, attracting the attendees' attention and attention, and agreed on the content of continuing labor activities, labor policies and agreements. The collective has confirmed the brilliant Success Conference. "
At the VIAGS 2017 Workers Delegates' Conference, we found joy in the faces of delegates. Because of this, the conference has demonstrated the core values ​​that enhance the role and affirm the valuable value of the employees to the development of VIAGS. The spirit of the conference will be spread from the delegates attending the conference to all employees, employees and employees of VIAGS in the process of performing tasks, contributing to help employees to develop the highest responsibility. The task, emulation of outstanding achievements assigned in the coming time. 

The delegates exchanged on the sidelines of the conference

Representatives of the employees shall vote on the contents of the conference

Mr. Luu Van Hanh- Member of the Board of Management of the Vietnam Stock Exchange - Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ground Services Co., Ltd Vietnam Airports Ltd spoke at the Conference

Mr. Pham Ngoc Vui - Standing Committee of Party - President of Vietnam Standards and Information Union spoke at the conference

The conference praised the individuals who are outstanding individuals in manufacturing labor

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